Sad news from IfdaKamp 2012
Tue May 29th 2012 4:15 PM

Hey everybody. So we were trying to contact everyone involved before we released this terrible news but the cat appears to be out of the bag... IfdaKamp 2012 is being forced to cancel. If I could even begin to express to you how heartbreaking this is, it wouldn't even come close to explaining how awful we all feel. Believe me when I tell you that we tried everything we could to continue on, but the cards were stacked against us and we have just run out of time. Here's what happened...

A few weeks ago we found out that Manitowoc County (where Whispering Hills is) changed their zoning allowances, making it illegal for our festival to operate there. Basically, they don't want us there. That wouldn't have been such a big deal, only that our efforts to hold the event somewhere else hit roadblocks, being so close to the date. To get board members together, and committees to agree to allow the event in their area is very difficult on such short notice. But, believe me, we have tried. We have been doing nothing but trying since the day we found out. As I said, time has just run out.

Everyone who has purchased tickets, paid sponsorship or vendor fees, etc., will be reimbursed in full. We have extremely detailed records of everything, so don't worry about that. Just give us a little time to sort out this shit storm.

We will be holding an IfdaKamp fundraiser party, of sorts, Saturday, June 16th at the Majestic Theatre in Madison to kind of salvage what we can of the weekend, to help recoup some of the large amounts of money we will lose, and, most importantly, to stand up and say "you can knock us down, but we will get up." We want to thank Matt and the crew over at the Majestic for opening their doors to us for this event. We'll have a handful of IfdaKamp bands in the house, a cheap door price, and a donation 'hat' to pass around, should you choose to help us out. More details will be available as soon as we iron them out.

We want to apologize to everyone; the bands, the vendors, the sponsors, our friends and family, and all of you who have long since made plans to share the IfdaKamp experience with us this year. We just know something good has got to come out of this. It just has to. Thank you for your patience, your compassion, your support, and your love. Especially the love. We're gonna need it.