For the safety and enjoyment of everyone,
we ask that you please follow these rules while at IfdaKamp

  1. You must have a wristband. Anyone caught sneaking in and/or tampering with the wristband system will be removed. Consider this your warning.
  2. All cars must be parked in the parking area. This is very important, as we do not want to give the township any reason to raise concern.No unauthorized vehicles will be allowedanywhere but the designated area.
  3. Camping must be done in the designated areas. If you set up your camp in the wrong place, security will ask you to move, no matter how long it took you to set up. If you're unsure if where you are is acceptable, just asksomeone on the staff. They will be more than happy to assist you.
  4. No fires. Whispering Hills is a densely wooded area and will be very dry, come late June. This is no joke. Anyone caught lighting a fire will be removed. There will be controlled bonfires, as well as authorized fire spinningat designated times and locations. Just sit back and enjoy the flames we provide.
  5. We will not be selling alcohol on site, so if you want to drink,bring your own, but please, no bottles. Also, underage drinking will not be tolerated.
  6. No fireworks. Again, the risk of disaster concerning the forest is something we take very seriously.
  7. No illegal drugs of any kind.
  8. Vending will only be allowed by registered vendors in the designated vending areas.
  9. Do not litter. That includes cigarette butts. We will have ample bins for trash and recyclables throughout the grounds, and you will also be given bags for your campsites. Respect our Mother Earth and our gracioushost, Whispering Hills.
  10. No fighting. If you have any questions aboutthis one,you problably shouldn't come...
  11. Respect our staff and security.Each and every one of them has been selected by us personally andthey are theresolely to keep you safe.Without their contribution to the festival, we would not be able to make this a reality, so please show them the respect and courtesy that they deserve. They are there to help!
  12. IfdaKamp does not allow 'roaming vendors'. Vendors can request a vendor application from curt@ifdakar.com.
  13. Be good family. Look out for one another and keep yourselves, and each other safe.
  14. Have fun! Embrace each other and our prospering community and give thanks for the blessings that we all share! Take LOTS of pictures! Oh yeah, andwe almost forgot; DANCE!!! :)